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book bullies was founded in 2016 with one thing in mind to beat the books without having to pay so called "handicappers"  a arm and a leg for picks that never even come in. Gambling is not a game of luck or coincidence, its a science, a game of numbers. We here at book bullies take calculated risks to a new level,  none like the sports betting world has ever seen and we do it all free with no hidden costs or fees we do it all for fun because we can! 


                                                     The Sports Book Don

                                                             - Parlay Ray-


Win your fantasy league

Our resident fantasy league expert shows you the quickest way to bragging rights...

Golf never sleeps

If you're a golf fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming weeks...


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Early Pre-season Super Bowl Faves

We tell you who and why we like to be playing in Feb...


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Think you know college?

Why the favorites in college don't always come thru and lead to the payday you think...


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